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in india oh she's available in the movie going to join the hotel rooms a movie that's a great way to go to the grand imperial good george was to school until you can the letter tell those little civility to go and. read this and the colonel was such as this girl retreat. the guns for hire company accused of killing a seventeen innocent iraqis goes on trial in the u.s. but only on the accusations of overcharging. norway releases the names of victims from friday's twin that's how as experts warn the spread of and see islamic sentiment in europe could lead to more atrocities. nato led peacekeepers are deployed along the kosovo's and northern border with serbia to calm escalating ethnic tensions over attempts to enforce a trade embargo. with
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r.t. live from moscow i'm rori sushi a very warm welcome to the private security firm formerly known as blackwater is on trial in the u.s. not over allegations that it killed innocent civilians in iraq four years ago but because two x. employees claim the company charged washington for protecting state department staff in war zones the firm which is now called z. provides most of the reason for the u.s. in afghanistan than anyone else that has been implicated in a number of scandals in two thousand and seven its hired guns were accused of shooting dead seventeen unarmed civilians in backpack despite a lengthy legal process and no one was punished over the alleged massacre the company is now set to take an even bigger role in afghanistan as the u.s. withdraws its combat troops and as i say is a guy nature can force there's concern in washington could keep covering press hired killers. this iraqi man son nine year old aliki nani was shot dead by
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private american war contractors four years ago his brain fell to the ground between my feet on the same day dozens of other innocent iraqis were shot by trigger happy us professional killers they shot like they were trying to kill everyone they can see no one at blackwater the firm for whom the hired guns work has been punished for the massacre to other private american security companies were contracted to carry out interrogations at the notorious abu ghraib prison in iraq a name synonymous now with her rethinking on rights violations including porcher rape and murder the us supreme court recently threw out a lawsuit alleging abuse of prisoners by the contractors. in afghanistan it's reported that human rights violations and even feelings are committed by security firms on a regular basis to an extent set to undermine call the forces counterinsurgency
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efforts they'll start firing and i think. in general kill innocent afghans they'll destroy property we're getting fairly consistent complaints about them and everybody knows somebody who's been shot by the contractors. the lack of accountability has forced the united nations working group on mercenaries to push for specific international measures to regulate their activities especially now as u.s. military forces withdraw from iraq and afghanistan the number of contractors is said to grow dramatically us. source many of. the functions to these security companies they are not related in they are not control and this is were we are extremely concerned that what we are calling is for relation to the national international level so that. companies are accountable but washington is reluctant to let an international body
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regulate their kitties saying it will find ways to hold contractors accountable but so far the u.s. justice system has largely failed to do so we're seeing around the world cases of kidnapping rape murder. and we see very very only very rare cases in which there's actually a criminal investigation or prosecution or sing out of it. but it's a further privatisation of war is convenient for the american government because among other reasons it doesn't have to justify the deaths of troops at home the president whoever the president may be can get us involved in conflicts only using uniformed forces to do the official fighting and then thousands and thousands of contractors to do the unofficial fighting that's under the radar screen that isn't covered by the media now here is a quote we cannot win
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a fight for hearts and minds when we outsource critical missions to an accountable contractors and if problem that's what senator obama said before he became president but apparently as a president now he thinks differently. with the contractors role in america's wars down to increase and with the victims of their crime still begging for justice i'm going to check our reporting from washington our team. during our five minutes past the hour here in moscow and coming up for you but differences are not missile defense most of them feels washington is ignoring its concerns and trying to quote place a bodyguard in its bedroom stay with us to find out what that means. i'm not after fifty eight years of formally being at war we report from one north and south korea still haven't signed a peace deal and who is benefiting from the tension along the thirty eighth parallel. noways police have released the first list of names of those killed by
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anders behring breivik in friday's mass killings graphics a lawyer says his client is probably sane and unaware he killed as many as seventy six people the gunman who has admitted his guilt claims he's not alone in a mission to turn back the tide of immigration in europe is artie's law and it has been trotting out many warn of a new wave of political style terror. and ethnic hatred led to the slaughter of scores of innocent young people and as brave it the massacre to which he freely admits was a justified strike against the political left for supporting open borders and multiculturalism and even though the staunchest of hardliners condemned brave exploring actions anti immigration sentiment is growing across europe and other groups all express their condolences and then are quick and separate themselves from the quick to lay blame left wing politicians which they say or are responsible
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because they allowed immigration happen and effectively pushed the sky to the edge its a cry but many feel is not being heard by european governments as people show their discontent voting increasingly for previously marginal anti immigration parties and joining street movements like the anti islamic english defense league. of course you will have groups who are satisfied and the real have other groups who see that the governments are not doing enough they are not discussing the issues enough. in this going forward in the future i think this nor their attacks will bring this topic into the center of the attention again and they will force. officials as well as public. on these issues again to move towards nationalism is pound european as well as the b.n.p. making gains in the u.k. holland's controversial good builders now leads the country's third largest
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political party running on an anti islam platform nationalists the truth pins redrew the political landscape this year when they won nearly twenty percent of the vote the danish people's party has also embraced anti immigration policies successfully lobbying for denmark to close its previously open borders with germany and. there's grass roots support for pretty thick too disturbingly depicted on the internet by some extremists as a hero three thousand people voted for his video manifesto on you tube and his group knights templar became a popular search topic on google i'm quite concerned that there are a lot of individuals. brits writing us who will resonate with. i'm very concerned that you will see other people copycatting. attacks the coming months or coming years politicians including germany's angela merkel and britain's
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david cameron have already said multiculturalism has failed now the leaders of western europe have to stop their disenfranchised cities becoming a breeding ground for far right. who lit the fuse and those brave it claims to have been involved with the english defense league which led to to protect england from what it calls a wave of islamic the case said the e.t.l. denies the lake but political analysts are saying if b. attacks in norway don't produce an honest appraisal of the issues surrounding immigration that could further frustrate the european public and create more space for potentially violent far right groups to expanded all over europe your average r.t. fund it. well a norwegian terrorism and its consequences are at the heart of the debate in the latest crosstalk rich people of bell's guests argue over the chances of a repeat of the atrocities elsewhere. i don't believe that this sort of thing is
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going to happen again but underlying threat that if we're not listen to you're going to see more terrorist attacks i just think so i believe it's a load of rubbish we're not going to see this kind of thing happen in england we're not going to see it happening across europe and we all hope there are no more terrorism acts but it's very very naive to think that this was a one off and it's not like it's a happened if you look at the right wing and see slimy. rhetoric in europe it is far higher than the u.k. for sure we have countries in the u.k. countries in europe who are banning certain acts of islam so they've banned the minaret ban the wearing of all of these things i don't even use that in the u.k. it's not that bad at the moment they go he says is good see now when you impinge on people's human rights and what are you talking about a liberal democracy. and that's all heated debate is coming your way in about an hour and twenty minutes right here
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on alt. well the e.u. the us how it led international condemnation of kosovo's decision to send a special forces to seize crossings on a shared border with serbia nato led peacekeepers have been deployed to help control the situation which is stoking ethnic tensions hundreds of people blocked the main roads in response to cause of police seizing two disputed border crossings one police officer was killed in overnight clashes because of those says it's trying to enforce a ban on serbian imports in response to a similar boycott of cause of our goods around sixty thousand serbs live in the north and don't recognize cause of us independence which it unilaterally declared in two thousand and balkans x. word marco gets it thinks the cause of her has acted with the go ahead from washington. you should bear in mind that the. union leaders could have done nothing without the ok from the us administration and we
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know that the us has got a massive investment in kosovo it's got the biggest military base in the world in can bomb still smack bang in the heart of the cost of all and so everything that the. get up to is also rise by washington in the first place having said that the policy in possible over for all peoples albanians as well as serbians is so huge that their suffering already under this combined washington krishna regime which has brought them nothing but poverty and pain and really has done nothing for the region but bring organ harvesting and pain and quality to everybody in this region so that course always a failed state a fake state of the state can experiments and this kind of expansionism a failure of. ethnic albanian leadership to use for the world should not be encouraged by the world we should all oppose this we know who can stop it and it is time that the us administration stopped its extremist puppets and from even further its own begins to. recognize territorial area. without
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a lot from moscow it's good to have your company today and from the news that is out there it's fresh videos just go to our website r.t. dot com but hear of a few of the items we have on line for you today. the events leading up to the polish president's plane crash continue to want to raffle as investigators in poland now also admit that pilot error was probably to blame claimed they previously denied. there's no get out of jail free card for platform and associate of convicted oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky prison officials claim liver death does not deserve an early release. and what are these exclusive interview with the legendary queen guitarist brian may when he discusses his passion for music and science gives his views on the mysteries of life the universe and just about everything else in between.
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north korea's top diplomat is in the united states as part of attempts to restart negotiations on the country's disputed nuclear program he had meet with american officials on thursday and has said he remains optimistic that ties with the u.s. will improve the visit comes just days after a nuclear envoys from north and south korea sat together for the first time in over two years on the sidelines of a security summit in indonesia agreed to bring new six party talks of atomic ambitions as soon as possible because asians are broke down after north korea's deadly shelling of an island belonging to the south and what it claimed was in response to provocative military drills the u.s. says north korea must dismantle its nuclear facilities before any deal can be reached. from the campaign to end the korean war told us that the u.s. is interested in keeping up tensions on the peninsula. so the u.s.
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military needs justifications that maintain its troops in the north east asia region so they can pursue its real interest which is to contain china's expansion of power in the region and also to continue to sell its weapons and demonizing north korea as an axis of evil country conveniently provides that kind of justification the u.s. has been trying to strengthen its alliance for south korea and japan this increasingly trade exercises in the region building missiles advanced. and inextricable inextricably linked in south korea and japan and systems where. but the reality is north korea does not provide a threat to south korea or the u.s. and the reality also is that the u.s. and south korea are facing an economic crisis where their tax dollars can be better spent on rebuilding their domestic economy than provocative war games that have already cost us lives and you can inform us here there is one thing that distinguishes north korea from other nuclear weapon states in the world and that is
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that it is the only country that has there that it's willing to give them up in exchange for a guarantee that the u.s. will not attack it and north korea has been very consistent it has said that everything is on the table as long as the u.s. is here but it has to be a process of mutual this argument you can't realistically expect north korea to simply give up its only deterrence capability unless the u.s. is also willing to take steps and an end to its provocative war games that simulate the collapse of the north korean regime is a good start. all right sixteen minutes past the hour here in moscow on the way here on r t seeing the wood for the fees but only for illegal loggers in russia who are using wildfires as a smoke screen for profit all the details in just a few minutes. right now let's check out some other international news for you making headlines this hour the taliban has claimed responsibility for the for killing rather the mayor of afghanistan's kandahar city in
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a suicide bomb attack it's the latest in a string of assassinations targeting top afghan officials two weeks ago president hamid karzai is half brother who ran the entire kandahar province was gunned down when a car's eyes top aides was also killed by the taliban who are stepping up their assaults as nato combat troops begin to withdraw from afghanistan. britain has officially recognized libya's rebels as the country's legitimate government and expelled all colonel gadhafi as diplomats it comes as libya warned a u.n. envoy there will be no peace talks until nato stops airstrikes and insisted that moammar gadhafi is leadership is non-negotiable the u.n. representative also held talks with the rebels in benghazi but there was little progress towards a cease fire and that's made of two thousand people have died in the four month cycle. egypt's official news agency says former president hosni mubarak is weak and refusing solid food hospital officials say he's suffering depression and
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weight loss caused by not eating enough of arc is supposed to stand trial in a week accused of ordering the killing of protesters and corruption over eight hundred and forty people died during the popular uprising which forced mubarak from office in february. but those who say that money doesn't grow on trees of obviously never been to russia illegal logging is thriving all across the country as people learn how to profit from natural disasters it seems oksana both reports. fire has long had a reputation of a bad master but in russia these days it's increasingly being used as a good servant with flames terrorizing the country's poorest every summer some unscrupulous entrepreneurs have come to use it as a smokescreen for illegal logging the problem reached such proportions that even the government has realized the chips are down. in some regions considered at risk of heavy forest fires illegal logging is thriving they cut down more than luther
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oist than the area is set ablaze to cover their growing nobody can determine how much logging was sanctioned and how much was actually cut the. fires hurricanes flooding come what may illegal loggers are using all sorts of natural disasters to cover their tracks. these woods new st petersburg thousand cattle major twister last year it approved thousands of hectares of mature forest many more were chopped after wards by swindlers like these ones who managed to secure a permit for the hurricane cleanup of them. got a permit that allows them to take away three truckloads of debris a job that could be done in a few days their permit is valid for three weeks i'm sure you can usually get the rest on a par with the amazon rain forest they passed a beer in green a result from referred to as the lungs of the planet at close examination though
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you see it scored all over the place. most of the illegal segueing timber goes to china and while the locals all the really see the impact of deforestation on their own lives they see their only other option would be far worse. you know it's illegal what you're doing. and no it's illegal but no water jobs here. the government officials who are to turn to for comment see the state is doing everything it can to combat illegal logging new legislation has just come into force the number of forest rangers will be increased in the meantime the chiefs are still flowing where they may according to experts if they'd seen the ability to see the wood for the trees that is one of the main reasons why illegal logging in russia is so widespread and why it is so prone to any sort of punitive action while the federal authorities may condemn the practice all they want the current economic
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and regulatory environment ultimately makes fun grafting chopping of truth from a look and easy to carry out then doing it the legal way from a biker artsy. and while environmentalist battle to keep russian a tree safe we talked to the american astronaut who inspired the movement to protect the earth and you can watch the interview next hour in full for a short period. well i'm proud to have been lucky enough to take the pictures that maybe define. the start of the environmental movement i mean the bigger a start. it really and has influence well beyond my imagination a lot of people not only is the earth fragile and beautiful but it's very small and so though we have still i think a lot of people think we're the center of the universe it's clear that that's not true and i think the earth rise picture has helped people start thinking in
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a more expansive way. you would know if you live from moscow in a moment marina say with a business but for now religious leaders from the post subject nations uniting in ukraine to celebrate the christianization of ancient russia but georgia is patriotic india is on his first official visit to kiev he is due to meet with his russian counterpart to discuss the strained relations between the two states cut off economic ties more than five years ago. got a fifty as mine. the head of the russian orthodox church but there are few real has a right to the gradient capital he have to take part in the celebrations along with his counterpart from georgia and the head of the russian orthodox church in ukraine . it's been exactly one thousand and twenty three years since this part of the world adopted orthodox christianity now when the truckie real. solemn
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liturgy in front of the. monument in key of the central monuments dedicated to the baptism to the adoption of christianity in this part of the world he was greeted by tens of thousands of people who were chanting that our part you are is your real well clearly this shows that the the attitude towards the russian in ukraine is still very warm and he is being greeted here with much respect lately kiev has been named as one of the single capitals of the russian orthodox church along with mosco and st petersburg it is interesting because of course capital of a sovereign state of ukraine and this means that the russian orthodox church goes beyond borders to unite the religion to unite the clergy among all the space it is a large scale celebration which is being held in the capitals of ukraine belarus and russia key of minsk and moscow where stand at the celebration events will be
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happening within the next couple of days with concerts large concerts culminating the festivities in the three capitals. she's a reporter for the business as i promised. hello and welcome to business here on r.t. now russia may have plenty of oil but that doesn't show at the petrol pumps motorists are having so concerned with shortages and of rising prices the problems have been put down so high tides theory and the greater profits ability of selling through a broad new roles on the quality of petrol are also having an impact the government is even considering extending production of low grade us to petrol and so this number twenty twelve the russian gas in the union says incentives for fires to upgrade option are being implemented. if you think.
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there are a few stimuli being implemented at the moment currently excise duties are varied the higher the level of quality the lower the g.g. the difference isn't big around three hundred to four hundred roubles according to the class now there is talk of increasing this difference to two thousand or three thousand roubles plus. those who have already invested in upgrading their production which will give them through the stimulus for further development you. rush other supply then support fifty percent of it's all champion up for sale next year it could become the biggest prize ation deal in the nation's history on the current market conditions the stake is valued at fourteen billion dollars and the government says it is also weighing plans to sell its entire stake of seventy five percent by twenty seventeen it also plans to go bust holdings of diamond producer alviro so envy to be bad grazing around thirty six billion dollars. russia's leading gold producer pollies gold has been taken over by its learn the
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basics of gold as a result over a sure swap cost of gold worth two hundred ten million dollars purchase with obvious gold worth fifty times more i mean you company under the name of dollars go international will start trading on the long term exchange only one state the combined company now has to join forces with a global rival as early as this year to become one of the world's top three gold miners. and let's take a look at the markets now or oil is in the red this hour light sweet is losing about half a dollar and branson is down a valid point thirty six cents prices remain on the fresh air as a result of washington brightening over the u.s. that ceiling. and let's take a look at the european markets they are lower this hour with washington is that
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problems affecting investor confidence there as well the footsies down more than almost two percent and the dax ensues in points one to six percent there let's take a look at what's happening in the russian markets they are in the positive territory this hour we are three x. is more than half of the signs and my socks is up just slightly more than point one percent of investors though are still in the size of avoiding risky moves ahead of economic reports and critical decision making in the u.s. . the united states has less than a week to come up with a deal to raise its fourteen point three trillion dollars that ceiling a failure all the politicians to agree could risk and then precedence the downgrade of the world's biggest economy. at the moment america is running a huge deficit which is financing by rolling over its debt and if there's a downgrade from aaa to whatever it is double a then the cost of financing that
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goes up and therefore the debt starts crying for us to and the end of that process is defaults however as far as russia is concerned. you could say to some extent the emerging markets have decouples from the american economy that russia doesn't export anything that. the impact would be through the effect it would have on the whole process and all prices are likely to come down however that would probably be quite healthy as long as they don't go down below you know seventy eight dollars. and that's all the business news for now for more stories you can always check out our websites artsy dot com slash business in the meantime stay tuned for the headlines for the for e.
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template the official t. out location. i pod touch from the q sampson. john c. . video on demand on cheese minefield comes an r.s.s. feeds now with the palm of your. machine on the t.v. jobs come.


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